JEFFREY -- Senior Analyst / Data Analytics

“I highly recommend Vicki and am very confident that she can help anybody that is in a career transition. In just a few sessions she was able to help me tremendously with my interviewing skills and helped me tailor specific answers to challenging questions based on the position I was applying for. Thanks to Vicki’s help I was able to land a position in my field in just under a month working with her in a very difficult and competitive job market. She is incredibly knowledgeable and it is evident she truly cares about the success of each of her clients. I am confident she can help anybody that is in a career transition in any industry.”

SHERRY - Business Development Specialist

“Job transitions are challenging enough…where do you start? Is your resume’ up to snuff? What has changed in the marketplace since you last looked for a new position? Vicki has the answers to those and lots of other questions you didn’t even know to ask. Vicki’s system is designed to help you be successful faster, and also gives the confidence to put your best foot forward with her LinkedIn coaching and practice sessions. If you are in a job search don’t go it alone, hire Vicki and breathe a sigh of relief like I did!”

LEIGH -- Executive Meeting Manager

“I consulted Vicki to assist me in strengthening my digital presence on LinkedIn. Vicki is incredibly responsive, professional, and effective. Together, we formulated strategies to enhance my professional brand, target meaningful connections, and discussed best practices on posting relative content via LinkedIn. There is no question Vicki has a passion for professional development! I highly recommend Vicki and her services.”

ELIZABETH -- Sales Professional

“Vicki helped me further develop my interviewing skills, prepare questions to ask, how to reply to the tough questions, and techniques for negotiating and accepting the offer. Vicki has excellent coaching expertise and was extremely professional, providing me with constructive feedback. Vicki’s coaching increased my confidence level going into the interview.”

GERAD -- Interim Chief Financial Officer

“I enlisted Vicki’s assistance for interview coaching and we conducted a series of practice sessions. I was encouraged to highlight my professional accomplishments in tangible and quantifiable terms. I learned to better articulate my career progression and achievements. Through Vicki’s coaching, I was well prepared for my next set of interviews, which resulted in a job offer.”

DANIEL -- Product/Project Engineer

“Vicki is an expert and a professional in the Human Resources field. It’s through her uplifting encouragement with genuine coaching and guidance in my career transition that makes it feel like I have known her for years. She’s a warm and considerate individual who makes you feel special and important. It’s through her leadership and attitude of success that I’ve succeeded in opening up new opportunities.”

PATTY -- ITSM Analyst/Culture Champion

“I highly recommend Vicki Lieberman to any individual or firm. She is compassionate and motivating. While in between jobs, Vicki’s leadership and listening skills helped me through the hurdles of job rejections. Her encouragement kept me on track and moving forward. Her coaching and mentoring helped me persevere in finding a job in my target market.”

JIMMIE -- Senior Research Engineer

“I received Vicki’s professional help during my most difficult time in my unexpected job change early this year. It’s her inspiration and guidance that made my career transition a smooth one. Her insightful instructions were very beneficial to my resumé prep, online job search tool use, phone and onsite interviews, and job offer decision.”